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Becas para estudiar en Roma: latín, griego y humanidades

La Academia Vivarium Novum ofrece 10 becas para estudiantes de entre 16 y 18 años y 28 becas para aquellos de entre 18 y 24 años de cualquier parte del mundo. Las becas son para estudiar entre Octubre 2015 y Junio 2016 en Roma, latín, griego y humanidades. 

El plazo de inscripción finaliza el 10 de julio 2015

Las instrucciones están en inglés e italiano en la página web: 

Application letters must be sent to candidati@vivariumnovum.net by July 10. For early consideration, applications sent by May 31 will receive an answer at the beginning of July. Otherwise, candidates will receive a response before the end of August.

The courses will be as follows:
- Latin language (fundamental and advanced)
- Greek language (fundamental and advanced)
- Latin composition
- Roman History
- Ancient Latin literature
- History of ancient Philosophy
- Renaissance and Neo-Latin literature
- Latin and Greek music and poetry
- Classics reading seminars

The goal is to achieve a perfect command of both Latin and Greek through a total immersion in the two languages in order to master without any hindrances the texts and concepts which have been handed down from the ancient times, middle ages, the Renaissance period and modern era, and to cultivate the humanities in a manner similar to the Renaissance humanists.

All the classes will be conducted in Latin, except for Greek classes which will be conducted in ancient Greek.
In addition, please attach a recent photograph and a copy of your passport or your ID card.

(For more information about the Academy, you may visit the website www.vivariumnovum.net or read the presentation: www.vivariumnovum.net/presentation)

Podéis ver toda la información aquí.